Customized products

A versatile and efficient solution to meet the diverse needs of modern industry.

Cutting round and profiled rails

We perform mechanical processing on CNC machines by milling, inserting of radial or axial holes and threads with the possibility of processing materials with a maximum length of 6 meters.

Boring and slotting couplings

We provide CNC machining services for drilling and milling couplings, ensuring that each keyway is precisely inserted with an H7 tolerance and each hole is made to the desired size.

Cutting belts

We perform the cutting of toothed belts, flat belts and Poly-V belts, grinding, milling and punching belts for better adhesion, gluing of thermo-weldable belts, application of conveying layers.

Special chains

We customize special chains, conveyor chains, chain wheels and attachments according to the technical drawing provided by the customer.

Special sealing elements

According to requests, we customize any type of gasket, both for special uses and for resistance in extreme environments or very high temperatures.

Equipment customization

We customize protective equipment in a wide range of materials and color combinations. Customization is done through digital printing, heat transfer, screen printing, or embroidery.