cutting linear rails

We carry out cutting and machining of round rails and profile guides, including milling, hole insertion and radial and axial threads. We deliver products in stock within 24-48h.   

drilling and milling couplings

We perform CNC machining services for drilling and milling couplings, guaranteeing the precise insertion of each wedge groove according to the H7 standard.

industrial vending machine

We give you access to 24/7 logistics technology that makes it easier to optimise costs and increase productivity efficiency in industrial processes.

From bearings and couplings to
adhesives and wheels, you find it all in one place!

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We offer a wide and diversified    range of technical products

This gives our customers a variety of options and flexibility, which contributes to their competitiveness, productivity and adaptability in the market.


We make CNC
 machining and various

Technological developments in the industry offer the possibility of making the manufacturing process more flexible and adapting to new market requirements.


The Adix team aims to identify opportunities to reduce clients' Total Cost of Ownership - TCO and Total Cost of Acquisition - TCA, thereby contributing to their profitability.

tCA and TCO

Accurate anticipation of post-acquisition costs is essential in the process of selecting and purchasing a product or service.

our role

We are committed to supporting a higher level of reliability and optimizing our customers costs through high quality products and service.