Adix-team””s principles are aimed at giving us a common understanding of how we deal with our customers and suppliers, of what determines our business relationships within and out of the company. These things make it easier to get to know our company.

Business Principles

  • We wish to achieve long-lasting success together with our partners.
  • We do everything for our partners as long as it is economically and legally possible.
  • We intend to secure and improve our market position through constant growth and innovation.

Principles of Conduct

  • We enter into our partners””, mates”” problems.
  • All of our contacts”” base are mutual respect and sympathy.
  • We communicate honestly, clearly and openly.
  • We keep to our agreements.
  • We accept criticism with thanks and learn from our mistakes.
  • We give each other mutual support, in all fields of life.
  • We enter into the aims of the company and take and accept co-responsibility.
  • All information are confidential.

Management Principles

  • We invest our money to make our servies better and better and to become more competitive on the market.
  • We offer opportunities for the individual to take duties, the responsibility and the initiative.
  • We keep our eyes on business, make constant innovation and correct the failures.
  • We promote and demand the individual””s initative and innovation ideas.
  • Our individual business aims are oriented towards the corporate aims.
  • We asses performance individually and promote team-oriented work.
  • We except and help the constant self-training.
  • Before making strategic decisions we consult with our co-workers and colleagues.
  • We prevent not to hinder our workers by unperformable or unperformed duties.
  • Our colleagues are not taken down by unperformable or unperformed duties.
  • We promote our colleagues to become a team.